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SmarTrack’s GPS Tracker is small, rugged & waterproof, with internal battery & SIM card. The tracker secures onto a standard Picatinny rail, on any firearm or attached to any type of equipment. A standard www browser displays the location of all trackers. Click on any location for more detail, at any time. Know where guns and equipment are located, at all times.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Set up automatic alerts:
    • If the gun or equipment enters/exits geozones at pre-set times.
  • If the gun or equipment is moving/stationary at pre-set times.
  • If the SOS button has been pressed.
  • If the gun is fired.
  • “Angel” or Command and Control communication with other services.
  • The tracker calculates its position from satellites.
  • The battery will support several days of regular tracking with auto-sleep mode.
  • Solar recharger can extend battery life, in an emergency.
  • Stores lat/long/time in memory, with other data:
    • Immediate Alerts for SOS, gun firing, tampers and breaches.
    • Programmed Reports such as distance, speed and ballistics.
  • SIM card connects tracker to server:
    • When triggered by immediate alerts.
    • At pre-set reporting times (or when called from the server).
    • Tracker memory clears only after receiving “Acknowledgement” from server.


  • Set-up new assets. An asset can be a person, gun, vehicle (or others), with or without a tracker.
  • Define all asset properties: 
    • ID/SIM number.
    • Name, address, telephone, age, height, weight and medical history.
    • Employer and other escalation contacts telephone/text/email.                  
  • Set-up incident triggers:
    • Select alerts such as SOS, Gun Firing, Rail Tamper.
  • Configure variable alerts:   
    • Motion/idle times.
    • Geozones (any number/size/shape, inclusion/exclusion, any times).
  • Define alarm types:            
    • Audible in control room.
    • Visible, as flashing lights or alert on computer screen.
    • Concurrent email/text messages to external PC or smartphone.

Location Interface:

  • View all guns or equipment on one map, at any time.
  • Click on any asset to see more detail such as the identity of the user, their current location and status.
  • You can also view journey history as a list or a plotted track, for a chosen period.
  • Choose alternative display formats (on map or in list).


  • Angel or Command and Control personnel can click to work with an incident or locate assets.
  • Identify relationship between incidents, for other Angels to see:
    • Angel or Command and Control canter can communicate with other people & services, for support. 
  • Make incident notes in the dialogue box. An incident cannot be closed until the Angel or Command and Control person types and highlights key words. Key words become search terms for analysis.

System Structure:

  • User Interface: standard www browser, on mobile or desktop hardware.
  • Customized or local database secure hosting support includes:
    • Local comms server to handle SIM calls.
    • Local and/or US applications server.
    • Live mirror backup.
    • Periodic archive to secret location.
  • Communications: 3ARC GeoComms supporting:                     
    • Device Integration.
    • Robust Communication Protocol.
    • Bespoke Developments.
    • Load balancing management.
    • Statistical Tools to manage server load.
    • Server back-up options.
  • Applications: Custom develop business logic, in industry-standard formats. Easy integration with existing third-party applications.

Technical Support:

  • Live monitoring.
  • Mirror back-up.
  • 24x365 worldwide.

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