Law Enforcement


Specialized Mobile Asset Tracking System: Drug Enforcement Administration

SmarTrack DEA the premier state of the art equipment asset and life cycle management system. Featuring a robust database management system combined with the use of DEA PIV cards and 2 dimensional scanning resulting in total asset visibility, property management tools and cutting edge technology to enhance and improve asset accountability for selected DEA organizations.

The system produces approved forms and publications for each transaction thus providing an electronic copy of each and every system transaction. Originally designed for Armory Management it is now used in all commodity areas and warehouse environments.

Features and Capabilities:

  • SMARTRACK® DEA is a fully automated, electronic information software application and data base management system, specializing in Personnel, Arms, Organizational and Individual Equipment and Weapons Tracking for elements of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
  • SMARTRACK® DEA will accept parameters to manage an unlimited variety of weapons and equipment used for organizational and individual equipment throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.
  • Every system is fully functional, in a stand or client server environment.
  • Each SMARTRACK® DEA System has the capability to network an unlimited number of individual locations, or multiple SMARTRACK® DEA systems in one or several locations, to facilitate the exchange of data and physical weapons and equipment. SMARTRACK® DEA is capable of providing Top Level Command and Control with Statistical and Strategic Reporting on the entire network of locations comprising the SMARTRACK® DEA System.
  • The SMARTRACK® DEA Software is built using Object Oriented Software Design Methodology in order to create the ‘Virtual Asset Tracking System’, incorporating a uniquely designed database that governs and manages the operation of the Software Application System and the collection, storage and retrieval of transactional weapons and equipment related information.