An RFID system consists of a tag, which is made up of a microchip with an antenna, and an interrogator or reader with an antenna. The reader sends out electromagnetic waves which the tag antenna is tuned to receive. A passive RFID tag draws power from a field created by the reader and uses it to power the microchip’s circuits. The chip then modulates the waves that the tag sends back to the reader and the reader converts the new waves into digital data that is sent to the SMARTRACK database.

The Standard RFID Enabled Bundle Includes:




Laptop, Dock, RFID 2D Scanner Combo, Sig pad. Laser Printer CAC Reader, A/V Cart, Power Back Up

Installation (A)

A,B and C are completed in 40 Hours on Site

Training (B)

Up to 3 PAX

Barcode Scanning (C)

Scan existing barcodes


3 Years Bumper to Bumper


Lifetime Software Support


RFID or RFID 2D IUID Combo Tags

RFID Antenna

Detects Tags in Door Portal

RFID Controller

Brain of the RFID System


Features and Capabilities:

  • RFID Tags can be challenged in a steel heavy environment. Our tags work very well in such environments, however, if items are stacked on top of each other in a container with opposing tags this can cause a missed read.
  • The passive tag inventory is very fast and can be a huge time saver.
  • RFID Tags can be combined with 2D IUID tags enabling you to have a combo tag that can be read by either reading device.

This system still maintains the same integrity of the original SmarTrack system, RFID adds additional speed and security to the system.

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