Shot Counter

Integrated Shot Counter (SC) for SmarTrack

The Shot Counter (SC) is a small, lightweight, low cost, highly accurate, and “invisible” gunshot counter. The SC analyses the time and energy of each and every round. The system is able to compare the data to previous shots and predict future problems of the weapon or ammunition quality. This system features a simple user interface and the available output can be tailored to user requirements. The counting unit connects to a PC via USB and utilizes a passive RF or USB download connection. The Serial Number can be associated in a relational database. The system is accessible via a standard Windows OS and Android App.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Device weight is ~5g (without adaptor).
  • Different models are available depending on the service life required.
  • Small enough to implant within a pistol.
  • Maintains more than 10,000,000 events.
  • The database can be populated with maintenance events and milestones.
  • Each round is recorded with its exact date & time of events (Real Time Clock).
  • Adaptable to any firearm application. Pistol / Rifle / Carbine / Crew Served.
  • Detects firing events only or other events according to the customer’s request.

Additional Hardware Available:

  • M4 A2 Grip Adapter
  • M1913 Picatinny Rail Adapters
  • Adapters for Pistol(s)
  • Adapters for 0.5 Caliber 

User Interface and Data Collection:

  • Simple user defined quick alerts for critical wear items.
  • Armorer enabled event fields in the database when maintenance is performed –fill in form.
  • Ability to provide “open source” Microsoft ® hyperterminal type of data output based upon customer requirements.
  • Real time recording of firing events.
  • No false positive returns.
  • Cadence and pace of firing can be measured.
  • Shot count can be weighted based upon firing rate.

Smartphone App:

  • Micro USB Connection to the smartphone app.
  • Send shooting reports to others via secured e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and more.
  • Grades for fast shooting.
  • Ability to use phone GPS and more.
  • Each round is recorded with the date and time.

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