SmarTrack Warehouse

The SMARTRACK digital warehouse management system is designed for small to medium warehouse environments. We provide professional software, hardware solutions and organization services for warehouse management.

We specialize in military and government warehouse operations and small to medium commercial operations. We bring to the table all of the latest technology and tools to put you on the cutting edge at a reasonable cost.

SmarTrack Warehouse Includes:

  • Hardware: Enterprise servers, client machines, RFID scanners, barcode imagers, barcode manufacturing, RFID Readers and Antennae, shipping labels and printer solutions.
  • Software. Two versions:
    • SmarTrack Military/Government
    • SmarTrack Commercial
  • Installation: Full service installation services from A to Z. We can use existing hardware, integrate existing and new hardware or all new hardware.
  • Training: Robust training is provided for system users. Training lengths can be adjusted based on user experience and budget.
  • Warranty. The system comes with a 36 month warranty on all hardware.
  • Support: The system comes with 36 months of 24/7 technical support.

SmarTrack Warehouse Features:

  • Customer/Vendor Capture Management:
    • Our fully customizable customer/vendor capture system allows your organization to gather and import all customer and vendor information.
    • The system can incorporate smartcards and preexisting vendor and customer lists.
    • Vendor information is directly attached to Purchase Orders and can be tracked individually, and as a group.
    • Vendor auditing is presented and real time auditing reports are presented for immediate use.
    • Our military version interfaces with common access cards (CAC) and auto loads customers from the card.
  • Warehouse Organization and Productivity:
    • We are able to analyze your processes and apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies ensure your facility is operating at maximum efficiency.
    • In military and government facilities we have proven expertise in warehouse management set up techniques and we are prepared to meet strict regulatory storage requirements.
  • Shipping and Receiving Scheduling:
    • Our solution provides for a detailed shipping and receiving scheduling module.
    • This module allows you to schedule all ship and receive events in one synchronized process.
    • The system will notify users when you have exceeded the capacity to handle events and help reduce dead space in the daily process.
    • New stock and inventory can be entered into the system immediately upon arrival.
    • Schedules can be used by multiple departments to ensure that all elements are aware of the daily schedule.
  • Stock and Inventory Tracking:
    • Our system provides real time inventory information.
    • All stock levels are continually monitored and minimum stock levels are constantly searched for.
    • Notifications are triggered once the system realizes a minimum stock level and can be e-mailed, texted or pop-up to notify the stock person.
    • Automatic reorder can be triggered, vendor selected and the order immediately sent to the vendor.
  • Picking, Packing and Shipping:
    • Once an order is taken, the system will direct you to each location for picking of the items required and the quickest route on the floor possible.
    • The correct box will be selected for packing and automated shipping labels are printed.
    • The customer is notified by e-mail of shipment notice with the applicable tracking numbers so that the customer can track the order.
    • For high value items, we provide an optional GPS tracking device so that the item can be tracked street by street from ship to delivery for your company and the client.
  • Order Management:
    • Manage constantly changing and rotating items easily by capturing the order through a step by step process that guides you along the way.
    • Capture customer data, take an order or orders and accept payments in one streamlined process that releases the ordered to the pickers immediately.
    • Order fulfillment is completed and each CSR receives a notice for each completed order.
  • Purchase Order Management:
    • Manage your vendors and Purchase Orders in tandem. 
    • Purchase Orders are directly tied to your vendors and the order fulfillment so that you can capture all three elements of information at once.
    • Our solution will take the confusion and mistakes out of the process so that your purchases are properly cataloged and made available for auditing later.
  • Dashboard Statistics:
    • Choose to monitor your stock levels, employee order statistics, incoming and outgoing shipments, order fulfillment times and much more.
    • The system presents you with the information you require to bring management capabilities to the table. 

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